Guided Tours

Our tour guides can provide overall surveys of the permanent exhibition, or thematic tours of the large weapons in the museum’s garden or through the Soviet memorial in Treptower Park. The tours are intended for young people and adults who are interested in history.

A compact introduction to the subject and the museum’s historic location is available in the form of a brief  lecture. In both cases please sign up using our online form.

Our services are available not only in German but also in Russian and English. Feel free to ask us about special arrangements for easy-language presentations, people with mobility difficulties, or groups with special needs. We are happy to provide advice.

School classes and other interested groups are invited to inform themselves in the educational programme section about our available pedagogical resources.

You can inform yourself here about arranging your visit to our museum.

Audio-guide tour

If you want to go through the museum on your own without a tour, but would like some guidance, why don’t you borrow one of our audio guides? The audio tour lasts 60 minutes and can be narrated in German, Russian, English, Ukrainian, Polish or French.

Price: 3,00 €/ reduced 1,00 € per Person

Surrender tour


The events that took place on 8 and 9 May 1945 and those who participated in the act of surrender of the German Wehrmacht to the Allied forces are presented in a lecture. Afterward, you are invited to view our permanent exhibition on the German war of aggression against the Soviet Union or our thematic temporary exhibition.

Duration: 25-30 minutes
Available languages: German, English, Russian

Group rate: € 25.00 (for up to 50 participants)

Survey tour

At the historical location of the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht on 8 Mai 1945 we guide you through selected sections of the permanent exhibition on the German-Soviet war. We include the causes of the war, German planning for the attack, and the course of the war; describe living and dying in those parts of the Soviet Union that were occupied by the Wehrmacht; and the end of the war and its consequences.

A special thematic focus is possible with prior agreement.

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Available languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish

Group rate: € 50.00 (for up to 15 participants)

Thematic tour of the Soviet memorial in Treptower Park

The Soviet memorial in Treptower Park is one of almost 4,000 Soviet war cemeteries in Germany. Here rest 7,000 Soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin in spring 1945. We explain the history and memorial architecture of this important location. The tour takes place at the monument and not at the museum in Karlshorst.

Duration: 25-30 minutes
Available languages: German, English, Russian

Group rate: € 50.00 (for up to 25 participants)

Military tanks tour

The offer is available from April 7th - November 10th 2018

When the Soviet “Museum of the Unconditional Surrender” was founded on 5 Nov. 1967, World War II weapons technology was on display in the museum’s garden. The Soviet tanks and cannon were used by the Soviet troops in the “Berlin Operation”, which ended with the surrender of the Berlin garrison on 2 May 1945. This is an outdoor guided tour and does not include accompaniment through the historic rooms and the permanent exhibition.

Duration: 25-30 minutes
Available languages: German

Group rate: € 50.00 (for up to 25 participants)

Combination tour on forced labour

On a visit to the permanent exhibition of the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst the connections between World War II (especially the war of annihilation against the Soviet Union) and the forced-labour system are described.

The following visit to the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre focuses on the living conditions of forced labourers in the German Reich and on selected biographies. There is a tour of Barrack 13 and the permanent exhibition on “Forced Labour in the Daily Round 1938–1945”.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Available languages: German, English, Russian

Payment via the documentation center Schöneweide.