Virtual tour through the museum


You can virtually visit the ground floor of the museum with its historical rooms as well as the permanent exhibition "Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II" on the upper floor.

This tour includes a short audio tour that takes you through the historical rooms on the ground floor and the first chapter of the exhibition. You will need a password for the audio tour of all 10 chapters of the exhibition. This can be obtained by kontakt(at)

Click here to go to the virtual tour of the museum.

Tip: Use the function "Koppeln". This enables convenient navigation. By clicking on the arrows you can easily switch to the next or previous station.

Note on the links between the floors:

  • There are two buttons in the museum entrance area: Click the button on the left to start the tour of the historical rooms on the ground floor / Click the button on the right to go directly to the permanent exhibition on the upper floor. 
  • The permanent exhibition ends with the 10th chapter "War Consequences and Remembrance". This is located in the basement.
  • At the end of all tours there are buttons leading to the other floors.