The starting point for our collection was the departure of the Russian troops from Germany in 1994. Most objects from the former Soviet “Surrender Museum” could be acquiired without cost and as a permanent loan from the owner, the Central Armed Forces Museum, Moscow, including the military equipment in the museum’s garden. Since that time the collection has been continuously expanded.

Priority is given to the German war of annihilation against the Soviet Union 1941-1945 and the Soviet defence. More recently, the museum has also started to collect objects related to the presence and withdrawal of Soviet/Russian troops in the GDR and the reunited FRG.
One of the main emphases of the museum’s collecting activities is photographs.

That the museum’s collection is so extensive is due to the countless people who support the museum with their donations; we are greatly indebted to them.

We continue to welcome donations and loans that augment our collection priorities. Therefore, an appeal: Do you have objects, newspapers, documents or photographs that fit the previously mentioned collection focal points and that you could make available to our museum?
If so, please contact the head our collections division, Dr. Svetlana Boltovska, at: boltovska(at)​​​​​​​