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Since mid-2020, the museum has been working on digitising its collection. To this end, it is represented in the online database Museum-digital Deutschland and is constantly expanding its presence there with new entries on various objects. One aim is to make the collection activities, which largely take place “behind the scenes”, visible to the public and the individual objects searchable.


Permanent exhibition “Germany and the Soviet Union in the Second World War 1941-1945” Museum Berlin-Karlshorst | Photo: Thomas Bruns

Objects from the permanent exhibition in Museum-digital

Here you can access objects from the permanent exhibition “Germany and the Soviet Union in the Second World War”

Objects of the permanent exhibition

Database “Soviet war cemeteries in Germany”

On the pages of the database “Soviet war cemeteries in Germany” you will find information on where the graves of Soviet victims of war are located in Germany. Around 4,100 sites are listed where graves of Soviet war victims of the Second World War and memorials dedicated to them have been identified.

It also includes the graves of Russian prisoners of war from the First World War and members of the Soviet troops stationed in Germany after the end of the war.

The purpose of the register is to commemorate and honour those who fell in the fight against National Socialism or died in German captivity.

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Database “Soviet military sites in Germany”

The database contains information on the locations of military units, offices and properties of Soviet/Russian troops in Germany. This includes information on Soviet military units with field post numbers and locations in 1946, properties of Soviet/Russian troops in unified Germany between 1990 and the final withdrawal of the Russian military from Germany in 1994 and field post numbers (FPN) of the “Western Group of Troops” recorded by the German side as of 1994.

The long-term goal of the joint project of the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, the Centre for Military History and Social Sciences of the German Armed Forces and the German Historical Institute Moscow is to compile a complete overview for the period from 1945 to 1994 on the basis of official Russian and German documents.

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