Educational offers for teacher

Training courses for teachers

Training courses on the topics of the German war of extermination in the East and the end of the war, the consequences of the war and remembrance.

New Views on History

As part of a project funded by the Federal Foreign Office, 20 history teachers from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Germany have jointly developed four lesson plans based on the memories of Soviet prisoners of war, survivors of the burnt villages from Belarus and Jewish survivors of the Holocaust in Ukraine.

From Teacher to Coach

In the project From Teacher to Coach, international history teachers were trained to offer in-service training to other teachers.

Another result was a guide for teachers explaining the four modules of the training.

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Podcast for teachers

How can teachers prepare for a visit to the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst? Experts provide the answers. (In German language)

Become a partner school

The history courses of the partner schools visit the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst.